A 16 week journey to reclaim your innocence and come back into relationship with yourself through Source.

Image by Allison Archer

It is our divine birth right to be in connection with God through play and creativity. 

Now more than ever we are being called to step forward into our divine power.

RECLAM the parts of Spirit that have been stolen and inverted for eons.

This process asks us to examine & alchemize any false identities and timelines that are keeping us stuck and rooted in fear or unworthiness. 


The current world doesn't foster a safe environment for our inner child to thrive. We are disconnected from the Godhead nor do we understand how to fully tap into our intuition. 

This work is foundational for us as we step into our highest expression and up-level our frequency. 

The New Earth paradigm requires our physical/emotional and spiritual bodies to take a leap of faith. 

Surrender into play and magic. 
It's time to take a leap of faith.

Are you ready to step into your highest self? 
Do you feel like there's something missing from you life you can't figure out?
Are you struggling with attachment to identities?
 Inner child reclamation is a foundational piece of the puzzle.

Healing the shadows of our inner child is a huge part of repairing our fears around love and worthiness. 

The disconnection with our body and Spirit  directly impacts our relationship with God/Source.

 Much of our trauma and wounding has been imprinted within our experiences during children and beyond.

Our soul is carrying 10000s of years of trauma and reversals programs.   

Examples of where our shadow self and trauma can take over.

  • You struggle with worthiness

  • Uncomfortable being in your body.

  • You are empathic and take on the pain/trauma of others.

  • Deep fears of rejection-sisterhood/brotherhood wounding.
  • Disconnected or afraid of God.
  • Tend to play small-feel too much or not enough.
  • Always finding something else to fix.



This journey will be personal and will require you to step into relationship with God in a way you may never have done before. It is subjective and highly intuitive.

  • A deeper understanding of your inner child and what they need.

  • Ability to discern identity hooks and attachments.

  • Repair/Activate your relationship with Source

  • Activate and reclaim fragments of your Spirit.

  • A fuller understanding of the importance of relationship with the Holy Mother/Holy Father

  • Embodiment practices and boundary tools.

  • A deeper sense of self and expanded intuition.



  • Classes will be held via zoom on Tuesdays at 2pm PST *will always be recorded

  • Classes will be approx 2-2.5hr hours with an activation/clearing.

  • One week a month will be focused on rest and anchoring. 

  • 3x 1:1 75-90min sessions are included (must be used during the 16wks).

  • Bonus (extra cost/depending on borders) an in person retreat late winter.

  • Devotion vs worship programs. 

  • Holding boundaries & cultivating discernment

  • The layers of Truth in healing.

  • Inner child reconnection and relationship repair.

  • Power of play and creativity.

  • True embodiment and integration.

  • Relationship with the Holy Mother/Holy Father

  • Reclaiming divine innocence.



Reclaiming the relationship between yourself and God is far more important than rituals or practices.


Class Structure

A sample of the course content. 

**Content may vary as we journey together. This work is highly intuitive.

Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.

Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.

Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.


The journey begins.


  • Week 1- Who is my inner child, what was my lived experience as a child. 


  • Week 2- Child of God, what does that mean? Who are the Holy Father/Holy mother. 


  • Week 3- Boundaries: what are they and how are they used? How did your parents navigate boundaries-what did it look like in your household? 


  • Week 4- Exploring Truth and honesty from the lens of our inner child. 


Integration and anchoring.


  • Week 6: Letting our voice shine-throat portal and the Holy Father/Holy Mother.


  • Week 7: Inner child and God-how do we anchor into our innocence?  


  • Week 8: Leaning into our heart. The key to our intuition and the portal to love and self compassion. 


  • Week 9: Unplugging from our old stories/identities. Understand programs/false timelines and stories that we attached to especially in childhood. 




  • Week 11: What does our inner child NEED. We have explored a lot now. This is where we are now able to look at our inner child with clarity. Where have we been afraid of being seen? 


  • Week 12: The power of play. Learning how to BE.  When was the last time you let yourself eat cake for breakfast? Playing is SUCH A GIFT. 


  • Week 13: Leaning into the vulnerability of creation. Make shitty art. 


  • Week 14: Coming home to God and our inner child

Enrolment closes August 28 2021


Class runs Sept 14th 2021-Dec 14th 2021 

Feel called to explore this opportunity? 

Fill out an application & book an interview 

Meet your guide.

Victoria is a quantum healer specializing in inner child and ancestral reclamation. Her intention is hold space for clients so they can begin to explore the depths of their magic. 

She holds high Holy Mother and Avalon coding that allows her to access gentle and magical energy. 

She is here to help foster our ability to play. Allowing those to begin to reclaim their divine innocence and repair their relationship to the Godhead.


Client Feedback

Limited spaces available.
If you feel called to begin this journey please fill out an application and book your FREE 30min interview.

A $200 deposit is required to hold your space-this will be applied to your course


Two payments of  $650.00USD

*200USD Deposit to hold space


One payment of $1444USD

*$200 deposit required if you want to be placed on waitlisted.


Four payments of 

$333.00 USD

*$200 USD Deposit to hold space.

So far the most gentle Holy Mother Hug experience I've ever had. Victoria has the most kind and loving approach to holding and tending to your inner child. She helped me move through so much stuck grief and touched part of my heart that hadn't been touched in a long time. 

I actually think I can attribute all the moving tears from the session I had with Victoria. All the pent up and stuck anger from childhood situations left unresolved. It's been a month or so and the tears are flowing. A sacred gift I hadn't been able to access in so long. 

--Sabrinna F. 

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Love this being, Victoria and the way she embodies the true divine mother codes she carries to nurture her inner child as well as her own children and the children inside all of us. If you have not already, looked into her Inner child healing course. I am so privileged to know now her and have received a couple quantum sessions with her. If you have been putting off some deep inner child healing, here is your opportunity to get some radical support through it. 

— Sophia