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Quantum Healing Facilitator 

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I am Victoria, quantum healer and intuitive mentor. My lineage is strongly tied to Celtic, Irish, and Avalon oracle coding.

2 years ago I was plagued with fear, self doubt and anxiety. It was wrapped up in my identity and limited my ability to trust my intuition. The world felt impossibly noisy and overwhelming.

The last couple years have been a journey of deep healing and unlearning old patterns and beliefs. Quantum healing has been one of the most profound ways I have cleared out old traumas and deeply held beliefs.

Now I have tools to help me navigate the ups and downs of life. I am able to FEEL my emotions without being consumed by them.

Using shadow work as a foundation of my programs they create a safe container to dive deep into what is going on BEHIND your emotions. As you reconnect to yourself and build self awareness around what anxiety or fear look like in your body life starts shifting.

I believe we have to honour all sides of ourselves in order to truly begin to heal. When we get curious about our shadow are able to take away the power it holds over us.

You never know what you will find when you begin the journey of self reflection.



  • Quantum Healing/Defence Against the Dark Arts Jan 2020-October 2020

    • Trained by:Ayana Rose-BlueRose Oracle

  • Social Services Diploma April 2018

    • UFV

  • Vinyasana Training 16hrs April 2018

    • Haven Yoga

  • 200hr Yoga teacher training Mar 2015-July 2015

    • Shibui Yoga


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