Why Quantum Healing? 

Below are some the areas we may focus on during a session.
  • Inner child and ancestral trauma or experiences still impacting you today.


  • Past or current life trauma that is impacting you today.


  • Find how what programming/patterns you may be carrying that keep you looped in unhealthy patterns.


  • Ancestral and or inner child wisdom that you are holding onto.


  • Understand what divine coding and gifts you have.


True embodiment is one of the most important part of our healing journey. This means allowing ourselves to become the observer, witness and mother in our journey.

This is why quantum healing is so powerful. Using my energetic tools I am able to hold space for the pain and emotions that have been suppressed deep in the subconscious.

It can feel heavy and uncomfortable as we begin to look the parts of our soul we have kept hidden. The only way is through the mud, allowing anything that is no longer in our highest and best good to fall away.

My role is simply as a guide, clearing energy so that you can continue on your journey of self discovery by exploring your shadow self.  We all have amazing gifts to share with the world.

As we begin the process of releasing our false self we are slowly able to let go of who we think we should be. Doing so allows our true self to shine bright and reawakens our connection to our intuition. 

Quantum healing and Intuitive Mentorship

Energetic healing designed to help you unplug from past fear and align with your true self.

What I Specialize In

Inner child healing

Ancestral healing 

Light body repair

Program removal

Inner child intergration 

Abstract Sand

Always enough, always worthy and always loved.

“Knowing blocks that have effected me not moving forward was key for me. The information Victoria shared with me was extremely helpful in my journey of getting to know myself on a deeper level and supported me to make positive changes for myself in my life.

- Jill R. 

I have worked with Victoria twice now and really enjoy the quantum healing sessions. She’s always clear and asks for my consent, which is so refreshing. Everything she picks up about my energy and issues going on within my body/life in general are spot on. After the sessions I always feel a deep relaxation and can feel all the debris thats been cleared away from my energy field. It’s kind of like taking an energetic bath. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is on a healing journey. The sessions will deeply aid you on your path.


Reconnect to the wisdom of your inner child


Quantum Genealogy

A 4 month journey to activate your connection to your inner child and ancestral wisdom. 


Inner Child/Quantum session

A deep healing session designed to clear out your light body of old emotions/trauma. 

$111CAD 90mins

Light Body Repair

This is a mini session for those who have previously had  quantum energy work done. 

45min $55 CAD

Wisdom for healing


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