Magic. Wonderment. Enchantment.

Quantum Energetic Healing

Unplug from the need to fix, heal and do. Energy healing to get to the root of fear, pain and trauma.

Re-awaken your intuition and reclaim your relationship with God.  

​Current offerings:


  • 1:1 sessions

  • Courses & master classes

  • Mentorship opportunities.

Areas of focus

Inner child trauma

Devotional heart repair

Black magick clearing

False identitiy removal

Clear past life wounds

 You are WORTHY


There's no mistake you found yourself on this page. Our future self often leaves clues for us. Spiritual breadcrumbs.  
Lean into your heart and ask:
Why here? Why now?   

  • Are you tired of always feeling broken?

  • Do you find yourself playing small to keep others comfortable? 

  • Are you constantly seeking the next thing to fix/heal within yourself? 

  • You are unsure how to connect to your intuition

  • Does it feel hard to disconnect from old patterns/beliefs?

  • Do you feel unworthy of (money, love, abundance)?

These are common loops many of us encounter on our spiritual journey back to God. 

It's time to reclaim our divinity and tap into our magic.

Our devotional heart is what allows us to remember we are children of God, worthy of love. 


There's no mistake you are here in this moment. Our souls made agreements long ago to come to earth during this time. Now we are remembering that we are not separate from God (Source) and are being called to heal the trauma our soul has endured. Our experience here has been largely hijacked and filled with artificial timelines/programs that keep us plugged into suffering and trauma. 


This is why quantum energetics are so powerful.


Our bodies are made up of energy and frequencies.  Tapping into your field I am able read whatever (programs/beliefs/templates etc) are ready to fall away.  Those of us who are in the throes of our spiritual awakening have *usually* experienced many lifetimes of persecution and silencing. 

My role is simply as a guide, clearing energy so that you can continue on your journey of self discovery by exploring false identities/program loops.  We all have amazing gifts to share with the world.

This work is both a passive and active process. The only way is through the mud, sometimes you will need to FEEL all the feelings as they drop out of your field.  


As you allow the shadow aspects and false identities to come up to the surface you reclaim your unique energetic coding. However it does require a level of surrender.

This process allows you to come home to yourself in ways you didn't realize was possible. 


"Magic is always available for those willing to witness it."

“Knowing blocks that have effected me not moving forward was key for me. The information Victoria shared with me was extremely helpful in my journey of getting to know myself on a deeper level and supported me to make positive changes for myself in my life.

- Jill R. 

I have worked with Victoria twice now and really enjoy the quantum healing sessions. She’s always clear and asks for my consent, which is so refreshing. Everything she picks up about my energy and issues going on within my body/life in general are spot on. After the sessions I always feel a deep relaxation and can feel all the debris thats been cleared away from my energy field. It’s kind of like taking an energetic bath. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is on a healing journey. The sessions will deeply aid you on your path.


Acceptance and acknowledgement of who you are NOW is the beginning of reclaiming your divine birthright. 


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